Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Esther

UPDATE: This game is now available for Macs. Yippee!! I'll be buying Dear Esther this week and will create a new post with my review after I've played.

After watching this review of the new, narrative game, Dear Esther, I wanted to buy immediately. From the short glimpse, it felt like an interactive mystery. Instead of solving riddles or puzzles, you are trying to discover what happened on this deserted island. I would guess, as a player of the game, you might feel like an investigator.

I can't give you a first-hand account of my experience with this game because it is not yet available for Macs. I would have purchased the game tonight had a Mac version been available. Just the story and graphics alone I think are worth the $10 price tag.

In a math classroom, the game may provide a conversation starter for problem solving. In reading/language arts classrooms, the game may provide inspiration for students writing their own backstories or events they think could have happened in this land.

If you purchase this game, I'd love to hear about your experiences and how you would use it in the classroom.


  1. As an English teacher, I also see the potential for this game in the classroom. The mystery may keep students engaged, along with the stunning visuals.

  2. Hi, can you update this post please? It's available for Mac! I plan to use it for teaching (still studying in uni) and found this post as a potential tool. I'd buy it but $10 is steep and Id prefer a review of the game from a teacher's POV.

    1. Thank you for letting me know that the game is now available for the Mac. I had checked for a Mac version just a month or so ago and it wasn't available. I'll definitely be buying it. I'll post a review regarding educational use after I've played it.