Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can Students Fix World Problems?

A 2007 display of globes in Chicago. Photo by John LeGear.
If you teach students aged 8 to 18, I highly recommend that you check out a project that allows students to get their ideas in front of major telecom industries meeting later in October. You students can help improve world issues such as poverty, education, health care, the environment, etc.

A global conference of major industry leaders is taking place Oct. 24-27. Leading up to the conference, Ewan McIntosh is giving students the opportunity to consider these issues and share their solutions on the web. Ewan will showcase student ideas at the conference via blogs, photos, and videos to influence discussions, debates, and decisions.

Teachers can sign up their class to participate in this exciting event. You can choose the issue(s) you would like your students to consider. This is just one good example of how technology can help us communicate and collaborate on a global level.

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